October, 2015

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Russian intervention will extend Syria war, but not change its outcome

Russian military presence in Syria me extend the duration of the rule of President Bashar al-Assad, but in Washington estimates that it will have a real impact on the eradication of Organization of the Islamic State (Daas). In fact, Pentagon officials and American experts are concerned that the foreign policy of Russia’s involvement in the events in Syria could only increase the flame across the country and prolong the war.   ground-guide-1502490-640x480

The arrival of four cargo planes of the Russian air base south of Latakia on Monday increased the number of combat aircraft where Moscow holds to 32. These aircraft, type Sohoi- 25, 24 and Sohoi- Sohoi- 30, increase the ability of Russia to get out air strikes to help the Syrian government in dire need of assistance. Russian UAV reconnaissance flights conducted last week, all of them in areas controlled by Assad’s opponents, some of whom are supported by the US and coalition Hmarbit-arbit. No such flights took place in territories controlled by the Islamic state.

If Russia goes a step further and share the intelligence gathered by the Syrian government or exit itself to air strikes, this move could lead to further escalation and further reduce the hope for a diplomatic solution to the civil war raging in Syria. Such attacks also expected to accelerate the aid granted by rebel militias of Arab governments and opposition groups operating in Syria. The Saudi foreign minister, Adel Al-g’obiir, said Tuesday that his country will not accept under any circumstances the Russian effort to keep Assad in power, and hinted that if no political solution is found that will ensure the resignation of the Syrian president – will focus more on the supply of arms to the opposition parties moderates.