September, 2015

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The nuclear agreement with Iran – good or bad?

It took a long time, but finally it happened – has a historic nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers: Iranian diplomat announced today (Tuesday) in Vienna that an agreement was reached whereby the international community to lift the sanctions imposed on his country in exchange for the supervision of its nuclear sites. “All the hard work has paid off and we came to an agreement. God bless our nation,” the Iranian diplomat told Reuters. Another Iranian official and a Western diplomat confirmed that an agreement was reached historic core.
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8 immediate solutions for snoring


So how do you stop snoring?

  • First of all – diagnose the problem. In order to deal with the problem it is important first to diagnose it. It is advisable to consult an ENT doctor who can examine the physical structure of the mouth and pharynx and see if there is a drop in certain organs. In addition, the doctor will perform a comprehensive investigation to understand the situation, and some patients will turn to the sleep laboratory. The laboratory will check whether the cause of the snoring is sleep apnea syndrome or other cause, and recommend appropriate treatment.
  • Chin strap is a medical device, made of medical aveoTSD, which acts by opening the airway created by the tongue falling backwards during sleep.
    The tongue stabilizer is a simple accessory but a great patent that is very effective for stopping snoring and releasing the airway – an action that can cause not only sleep disturbances but also sleep apnea syndrome and sustained and critical damage. One of the best devices in the field is my snoring soltuion – You can read the great review here
  • Sleep Apnea Syndrome – If the problem arises, it can be treated in a number of ways, the most effective of which is the use of the device. This device transmits high pressure air during all hours of sleep, thus preventing the internal organs from resting and blocking the airway. Although the device requires the patient to sleep with a mask nose or nostrils, but after adjusting to see the significant improvement in the quality of sleep and quality of life (both themselves and their spouses), most people prefer to continue to use it.
  • Lose weight – It is known that overweight people snore more. Therefore, whether the phenomenon is accompanied by sleep apnea syndrome or not, it is recommended for weight loss. It is very likely that this will lead to a significant improvement in the situation.
    Sleep on the side – because the source of the snoring is a partial or complete obstruction of the airway and this blockage occurs more when you are sleeping on your back because of gravity, it is highly recommended for the snakes to sleep on the side. Sleeping on an orthopedic pad that lifts your neck can also help prevent airway obstruction.
  • Stickers – today there are special labels designed to stick on the nose and cause the expansion of the nostrils. Suitable for those who have a structure of narrow nostrils that may cause insufficient air to pass through them during sleep and have qzz in your life. The patches can be obtained at pharmacies and drugstores without a prescription.
  • Surgery of the soft palate and clenching – expansion of the airway through surgery during which the tonsils, the clap and some of the tissue in the palate are removed. This surgery is suitable for those who suffer from sleep apnea syndrome and has a success rate of 70% -60%. The surgery can also be performed with a laser, and then requires only one day of hospitalization, and no more than the aforementioned surgery. However, according to studies, laser surgery may actually exacerbate respiratory arrest events and has a success rate of only 50% -40%.
  • Plasters – If you have a narrow nose structure that can cause insufficient air to reach the respiratory system and the brain during sleep, you can perform a nose operation that helps to expand the nostrils and allow more air to enter.