July, 2015

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Did you hear of the truth or dare Game


Nothing spices up a drab party like a good game of truth or dare. For those not accustomed to this very interesting game, it involves a bottle which is spun around a circle of participants. When the bottle stops spinning and points to an individual, then the person must either choose a truth or dare. For truth, one is asked a totally crazy (often embarrassing) question which they must answer truthfully. A dare consists of daunting tasks that, as the word suggests, is daring and must be undertaken by the individual. Over time, there have been many variations of the game which only goes to show its popularity among friends and family. Whereas some enjoy the old school version of spinning the bottle, there are apps now to that effect. These can be downloaded in any play store and contain sets of questions that a person will answer. If asked, I would say that this is not the ideal way to play truth or dare.

For one to fully enjoy the truth and dare experience, great truth or dare questions are a must. You simply cannot ask drab questions and expect a fiery game.
Here is a list of fun questions that you should ask your friends.