March, 2015

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Converstaion topics with yout boyfriend

If you want your relationship to work, then there are a lot of things that you should consider saying to your boyfriend. This will not only just help in strengthening the relationship but it will also make it last very long which is what almost everyone always wants.  couple-love-1240172-640x960-200x300
You need to tell them how you feel. Tell your boyfriend exactly how you feel about him, this will really go a long way in helping the relationship become stron   ger and make the guy stay with you because he knows exactly how you feel.
Tell your boyfriend about what it is that you exactly want. Most women fail to say what it is they actually want and where it is they waant it. This lack of communication leaves the man with the whole responsibility of coming up with the ideas on how to make the woman happy and thus sometimes end up failing because the women actually fail to say what it is they want.
Say when you have been wronged. This will in fact help your boyfriend know when they have done wrong to you and they can improve on where they have been going wrong. A lot of women tend to say they are just okay when they have been wronged and this is wrong as you should speak your mind at all times.
Say where you want to be taken to for a date. Most men are clueless and they are not really much fun but they do live you and you love him just as much. So, you need to help him with this, it can be quite hard but it can save you a lot of boredom which is associated with the Epson not knowing where to actually take you out for that perfect date that you have always dreamt about. This post was taken from barenakedlife and from here.