Russian intervention will extend Syria war, but not change its outcome

Russian military presence in Syria me extend the duration of the rule of President Bashar al-Assad, but in Washington estimates that it will have a real impact on the eradication of Organization of the Islamic State (Daas). In fact, Pentagon officials and American experts are concerned that the foreign policy of Russia’s involvement in the events in Syria could only increase the flame across the country and prolong the war.   ground-guide-1502490-640x480

The arrival of four cargo planes of the Russian air base south of Latakia on Monday increased the number of combat aircraft where Moscow holds to 32. These aircraft, type Sohoi- 25, 24 and Sohoi- Sohoi- 30, increase the ability of Russia to get out air strikes to help the Syrian government in dire need of assistance. Russian UAV reconnaissance flights conducted last week, all of them in areas controlled by Assad’s opponents, some of whom are supported by the US and coalition Hmarbit-arbit. No such flights took place in territories controlled by the Islamic state.

If Russia goes a step further and share the intelligence gathered by the Syrian government or exit itself to air strikes, this move could lead to further escalation and further reduce the hope for a diplomatic solution to the civil war raging in Syria. Such attacks also expected to accelerate the aid granted by rebel militias of Arab governments and opposition groups operating in Syria. The Saudi foreign minister, Adel Al-g’obiir, said Tuesday that his country will not accept under any circumstances the Russian effort to keep Assad in power, and hinted that if no political solution is found that will ensure the resignation of the Syrian president – will focus more on the supply of arms to the opposition parties moderates.

The nuclear agreement with Iran – good or bad?

It took a long time, but finally it happened – has a historic nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers: Iranian diplomat announced today (Tuesday) in Vienna that an agreement was reached whereby the international community to lift the sanctions imposed on his country in exchange for the supervision of its nuclear sites. “All the hard work has paid off and we came to an agreement. God bless our nation,” the Iranian diplomat told Reuters. Another Iranian official and a Western diplomat confirmed that an agreement was reached historic core.
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8 immediate solutions for snoring


So how do you stop snoring?

  • First of all – diagnose the problem. In order to deal with the problem it is important first to diagnose it. It is advisable to consult an ENT doctor who can examine the physical structure of the mouth and pharynx and see if there is a drop in certain organs. In addition, the doctor will perform a comprehensive investigation to understand the situation, and some patients will turn to the sleep laboratory. The laboratory will check whether the cause of the snoring is sleep apnea syndrome or other cause, and recommend appropriate treatment.
  • Chin strap is a medical device, made of medical aveoTSD, which acts by opening the airway created by the tongue falling backwards during sleep.
    The tongue stabilizer is a simple accessory but a great patent that is very effective for stopping snoring and releasing the airway – an action that can cause not only sleep disturbances but also sleep apnea syndrome and sustained and critical damage. One of the best devices in the field is my snoring soltuion – You can read the great review here
  • Sleep Apnea Syndrome – If the problem arises, it can be treated in a number of ways, the most effective of which is the use of the device. This device transmits high pressure air during all hours of sleep, thus preventing the internal organs from resting and blocking the airway. Although the device requires the patient to sleep with a mask nose or nostrils, but after adjusting to see the significant improvement in the quality of sleep and quality of life (both themselves and their spouses), most people prefer to continue to use it.
  • Lose weight – It is known that overweight people snore more. Therefore, whether the phenomenon is accompanied by sleep apnea syndrome or not, it is recommended for weight loss. It is very likely that this will lead to a significant improvement in the situation.
    Sleep on the side – because the source of the snoring is a partial or complete obstruction of the airway and this blockage occurs more when you are sleeping on your back because of gravity, it is highly recommended for the snakes to sleep on the side. Sleeping on an orthopedic pad that lifts your neck can also help prevent airway obstruction.
  • Stickers – today there are special labels designed to stick on the nose and cause the expansion of the nostrils. Suitable for those who have a structure of narrow nostrils that may cause insufficient air to pass through them during sleep and have qzz in your life. The patches can be obtained at pharmacies and drugstores without a prescription.
  • Surgery of the soft palate and clenching – expansion of the airway through surgery during which the tonsils, the clap and some of the tissue in the palate are removed. This surgery is suitable for those who suffer from sleep apnea syndrome and has a success rate of 70% -60%. The surgery can also be performed with a laser, and then requires only one day of hospitalization, and no more than the aforementioned surgery. However, according to studies, laser surgery may actually exacerbate respiratory arrest events and has a success rate of only 50% -40%.
  • Plasters – If you have a narrow nose structure that can cause insufficient air to reach the respiratory system and the brain during sleep, you can perform a nose operation that helps to expand the nostrils and allow more air to enter.

5 amazing qualities if inversion tables

In today’s world, everyone is having some sort of health problems due to hectic schedules & busy lifestyles. The most common issues that are prevalent in the present era are of joints or in bones. To relieve you from such issues, the Inversion Table was introduced. (source: inversion table doctor)

What is an Inversion Table?

The Inversion Table is basically a flexible, chair like structure that uses gravity to relieve spine pressure, which is compressed sometimes. The principle on which this table works is that you have to lie upside down or at an angle keeping your head lower than the feet in order to relieve all the pressure off the spine to provide a relief to the pain. Inversion table is highly trusted by people all around the world and is quickly gaining popularity due to endless number of benefits offered by it.

What is it good for?

They are very useful in various ways like reducing the back pain significantly, stress reduction, improving concentration, improving legs and core strength, improving body flexibility as well as increasing height. They are also used in rejuvenating skin, increasing energy, fighting depression or mental illness, improved immune system, improved digestion and improved lungs functionality. An Inversion Table is a small package that comes with a treasure full of health benefits for you. Correct usage of this table can help improve your health exponentially.

Few Major Benefits

Back Pain: One of the most common health problems that most people suffer from is back pain. After proper research, many top rated medical institutes have approved of Inversion Table as a great medium of relieving back pain with the help of its full-spine grip. The reversal of gravitational force helps to relieve the compressed spine and nerves. By hanging upside down, the pressure from discs is removed, which helps to decompress spine.

Joint Pressure Issues: Joints are most utilized parts when we are working out, which may cause you to experience joint pressure issues. An Inversion Table has been approved by many physiotherapists as a very effective way of treating these issues by stretching the muscles to relieve the pain. It has also been declared by some medical institutes that Inversion Table can help in correcting the misalignments caused due to usage of one body side more in activities like tennis or badminton.

Lymphatic System: It has also been proven by medical studies that using an Inversion Table to hang upside down can be really very useful in flushing out the extra wastes from the lymphatic system. As the working of lymphatic system is usually unidirectional, hanging upside down can change the direction that helps in clearing out lactic acid, which is a proven reason for pain.
(source: Wikipedia)

Blood Circulation: Gravity affects everything including our blood flow. Hanging upside down can help change the blood circulation direction and can help proper amounts of blood reach in the organs where it reaches with difficulty. Various areas like head and scalp don’t get proper blood flow sometimes, but this table can easily help in resolving this and keep your circulation healthy and decongest all the organs.

Increasing and Maintaining Height: It has been proved by medical sciences that inversion tables has many athletic benefits even like posture improvement, increasing flexibility and increasing height. Spinal Compression can be easily caused due to gravitational forces, which can lead to shrinking of height of person when he sleeps on or wakes up from bed. Inversion Table helps to reverse this compression process and helps in elongating the spine.




The disease nobody wants to talk about….

Hemorrhoids are very common in the industrialized West, generally, they are in the thirties, experts estimate that about half of the population over age 50 have some degree of hemorrhoid symptoms.   hmorrhoids

In close geographical relationship exists between the hemorrhoidal disease and diet type practiced in that particular area. In fact, hemorrhoids are a rare sight in most places where the menu includes a large amount of fiber, which is based largely on a diet of processed foods and low in fiber, typical of industrialized countries, makes it difficult to exit and constipation. Increased effort ports weakens the rectal veins and promotes the formation hemorrhoids.

So how an you deal with hemorrhoids naturally ?

Natural hemorrhoids treatment involves a combination of topical therapy, nutrition, herbs and supplements.
As with any disease patients turn to NT focuses on the root of the problem so the initial treatment of hemorrhoids is prevention – reduction of those factors responsible for the effort during defecation, prolonged sitting or standing.

It is recommended to maintain regular bowel movements through the consumption of fiber-rich foods, consumption of essential food and plant foods such as espsom salt (read here).
Unlike a property in the Western world, people from parts of the world in their diet based on unrefined foods rich in fiber, rarely suffer from hemorrhoids.
Low-fiber food people tend to try harder bowel movements, because they have difficulty transferring small, hard stool. This exertion increases the pressure on the abdomen that blocks the return vein. Increased pressure weakens veins and hemorrhoids are formed. Therefore, the most important element in preventing hemorrhoids Maker is a high-fiber diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains that stimulate intestinal motility.

The fibers absorb much water and increasing the volume of the stomach, keeping its softness and help move it easily. Also use natural inflate compounds can reduce straining during defecation.

Healing waters
Bath Area Hot is an effective non-invasive treatment of hemorrhoids is not complex, Bath Sitting parts of the pelvic area, recommended water temperature ranging from 40.5 to 37.7 degrees.

Local therapy
Local therapy only temporarily relieves, natural treatment includes the use of celebrations on the basis

Did you hear of the truth or dare Game


Nothing spices up a drab party like a good game of truth or dare. For those not accustomed to this very interesting game, it involves a bottle which is spun around a circle of participants. When the bottle stops spinning and points to an individual, then the person must either choose a truth or dare. For truth, one is asked a totally crazy (often embarrassing) question which they must answer truthfully. A dare consists of daunting tasks that, as the word suggests, is daring and must be undertaken by the individual. Over time, there have been many variations of the game which only goes to show its popularity among friends and family. Whereas some enjoy the old school version of spinning the bottle, there are apps now to that effect. These can be downloaded in any play store and contain sets of questions that a person will answer. If asked, I would say that this is not the ideal way to play truth or dare.

For one to fully enjoy the truth and dare experience, great truth or dare questions are a must. You simply cannot ask drab questions and expect a fiery game.
Here is a list of fun questions that you should ask your friends.

Choosing the right show for work

Shoes are a item that are in the closet of every one of us and are used for a variety of purposes. We have designed an evening shoes, shoes for formal occasions, and if the woman theheavy-duty-boots-1425412-638x427n perhaps dozens of pairs that fit different dresses, everyday and more. Just as we have shoes and clothes suitable for any purpose, so it is important, for how much have both a work clothes and work shoes that will fit our work place. Working shoes should convey the right impression and, most importantly, it is very important to be comfortable full day’s work. Good work day is a one when you have great feeling.

Let’s look at the issue from the side of the employer, the investment in working clothes suitable for the type of work and represent and branding the business is very important. Equally important are the work boots. Firstly, comfortable, convenient to work more effectively work longer lasting. Second, work shoes tailored to the type of work and will be safety, protect employees from workplace accidents, and thus constitute a substantial advantage to the employer. And removing that last look. After the investment, work clothes and find clothes that will project the nature of the business, it is important to take care of work boots that will be compatible and will be a proper look branding business investment is not large and extremely great contribution.  To read more about work boots visit

Pimples – what a problem!


You are planning to go on a special event – it may be the first date with someone you really wanted to date, It may be before your Prom night, or even before your wedding – the day you have been waiting for all your life… and suddenly you find some ugly pimples and acne zits…well dont worry – there are a few natural and simple steps you can take to treat the issue and if not heal  completely the zits than at least make the situation much better – you can drink lots of water and apply ice. For a full list of excellent natural remedies you can visit Highly recommended!

Converstaion topics with yout boyfriend

If you want your relationship to work, then there are a lot of things that you should consider saying to your boyfriend. This will not only just help in strengthening the relationship but it will also make it last very long which is what almost everyone always wants.  couple-love-1240172-640x960-200x300
You need to tell them how you feel. Tell your boyfriend exactly how you feel about him, this will really go a long way in helping the relationship become stron   ger and make the guy stay with you because he knows exactly how you feel.
Tell your boyfriend about what it is that you exactly want. Most women fail to say what it is they actually want and where it is they waant it. This lack of communication leaves the man with the whole responsibility of coming up with the ideas on how to make the woman happy and thus sometimes end up failing because the women actually fail to say what it is they want.
Say when you have been wronged. This will in fact help your boyfriend know when they have done wrong to you and they can improve on where they have been going wrong. A lot of women tend to say they are just okay when they have been wronged and this is wrong as you should speak your mind at all times.
Say where you want to be taken to for a date. Most men are clueless and they are not really much fun but they do live you and you love him just as much. So, you need to help him with this, it can be quite hard but it can save you a lot of boredom which is associated with the Epson not knowing where to actually take you out for that perfect date that you have always dreamt about. This post was taken from barenakedlife and from here.

Acne – new treatment options

What is Acne?

Acne is a common disease; brought about by the blockage of skin pores forming bacteria inside them. It’s a disease that affects almost everyone in some stage in life-mostly the teen years. Some painful red bumps do form on the surface of the skin; but to others they are white and unpainful. On every person’s skin are pores (tiny openings) termed as hair follicle. In the pores (deeper) near the follicle base is the sebaceous gland that produces natural oil called sebum. This is the oil that helps in maintaining the skins flexibility and protection.   girl-in-thoughts-1435179-639x852

Normally, the hair should grow through the surface, as sebum (oil) flows out spreading on the area. The more the skin cells grow, the more the others get old and die, being replaced by the new ones. But In case there is an interruption in which the pores become blocked or closed, then bacteria will form from inside leading to acne. Skin swells (pimples) will be formed as a result of the dead cells combining with bacteria and the blood. When a follicle wall bursts, the white blood cells do rush to cover the area in the process of healing hence the term ‘pustule’.

How can one get rid of Acne?

Have you been wondering on how you can get rid of your Acne from your skin? Worry no longer. Many people think that paying the big bucks is the only way. But as a matter of fact, some people will lack the money for such medication. This article brings forth some simple and common attainable methods for one to be able to get rid with Acne. To start with: start keeping your hair away from your face, this is important because any oil from your hair can lead to unnecessary reactions on your skin pores leading to blockages and breakouts.

Taking in of lots of fluids is very important; remember that water is the best bet for any good health. Every time one undergoes hydrating process he is not only helped internally but also the toxins are excreted making the skin look healthy. Keep off your hands from your face. Instead, wash them regularly, always keep your face very clean and start using a dry towel to pat the face with. Always remember not to sleep with make up on. Maintain the hygiene of your pillows, keeping them clean always is very encouraged. This is because every moment you sleep then some oils are left behind.

How is your daily diet? Do you take some fiber? You need to know that fiber do enrich your body anti-oxides and this are strong holds in Acne fight. Take your diet to very big consideration if you really need quick results. Ensure that you take less fatty foods, foods containing less oil for the better of your situation. Foods that are rich with vitamin A, potassium and vitamin D do help in thwarting pimples from your skin.

On the other apart from this home applied techniques, one can also prefer to go for the over the counter medication, this is also advised since one may need a quick method. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the pretty best medicine. It is good in attacking the any pores that are blocked by cleaning tout the oils and making the area be as smooth as ever before. Acutane is a vitamin A drug that you can buy. You need to do a good research through your doctor on which medicine will perform better on you since there are several different in the market.

Personally I know of some which give a permanent remedy in getting rid of Acne from your skin, that s very effective in all types of acne and pimple infections on your skin. The mike Walden’s Acne No more is a very natural approach leaves the skin so smooth within seven days, you can imagine. Thousands of people account for it after using it. You can actually try his program and experience how effective it is. With all that then you will no longer look yourself at the mirror in an early morning only to see a big white pimple staring back at you or ask on How to get rid of acne